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Learn to talk TO a person WITH a subluxated posture at your ROF.

Fred DiDomenico, DC

Practice Coach and Mentor




         Most management groups teach you scripts of how to talk ABOUT a subluxation to a person at your ROF. What does this imply?  You are talking about the facts of a suluxated posture to a person.  It is as though the patient will understand the facts, see their x-rays and commit to care because it makes sense.  Unfortunately it doesn’t always seem to work that way, because there continues to be people walking out your door who, “just don’t get it.”  Have you noticed talking MORE about the same thing doesn’t make you more effective?  Successful business people don’t use the excuse, “they just don’t get it,” so why should we?

         People make decisions and buy based on an emotional progression of thought and feelings.  There are 5 steps a patient or any person who is going to make an empowered action toward a life change MUST progress through in a specific order. These 5 steps incorporated into your patient management system will raise your percentage of people committing to your spinal corrective programs to SOAR HIGHER than ever before.

  1. They MUST SAY they have a FULL spine problem:

            Entrepreneurs solve people’s problems for money.  This means people MUST know their problem and be very clear.  In a spinal corrective program we correct the WHOLE spine.  Every spinal problem involves the WHOLE spine.  The question is, “Do you have the systems that have the HIGHEST percentage of patients understanding their WHOLE spine needs correcting?”  The next question is, “Do they tell YOU they KNOW their WHOLE spine and posture is weak and subluxated?”  The fact is you can’t tell them. They MUST Say it to you so they will understand.  It’s not what YOU say that matters.  It’s what THEY say that changes their behavior.

2. The MUST say, “I don’t want to be like this anymore.

            Out of our GREATEST crisis comes our greatest breakthrough.  Before people are willing to make a change in their life they MUST want to leave the condition they are in.  They must reach the point of ultimate frustration to change and be ready to move.  Many patients that don’t commit NEVER said, “I don’t want to be like this anymore.”  This is a CRUCIAL EMOTIONAL decision people MUST make to be ready to move in another direction. They must have a strong emotional desire to change or they will stay in their misery, whether it is their pain or their disease.

3. Eliminate ALL other options:

            Once a person makes the emotional commitment to move in another direction, they need guidance as to the proper direction to move.  You don’t achieve this by telling them “What to do.” You achieve this by telling them “What NOT to do.”    Research shows that people with chronic back pain who do only exercise have a greater probability of becoming disabled than if they did nothing at all. This eliminates traditional physical therapy, medical care, yoga, Pilates, gyms, and all the other exercise related excuses, including, “Getting a second opinion.”  If you don’t eliminate all other options, you will receive common objections to care and non-commitment at your ROF.  Elite Coaching provides these answers in systems so the HIGHEST percentage of people commit to corrective care by directing their actions.

4. They MUST know what they DO want:

            Once a person is ready to move in a specific direction they MUST have a goal. Without a goal they do NOT know what they want and will not buy and say, “I have to think about it.”  The problem is you didn’t direct them to have a vision in advance.  “Where there is no vision, people perish,” right out of your office.  Over 80% of people DON’T write goals. Without a vision of what they want they will not have the emotional commitment or a  clear destination to move toward.  For this reason we have patients write 20-30 year health/life goals.  We “coach” them to see the life they desire with GREAT emotional attachment and they also see they can’t live that life if they allow their subuxated spine and posture to remain and progress.  NOW your program becomes the vehicle to get what THEY want.  This is one of the many reasons Elite Coaching clients receive greater value for spinal corrective care.  We teach you how to TRULY “coach” your patients.

5. Prove your correction:

            Show them a post rehab, corrected x-ray of their spine. This is physical proof that builds trust, faith and confidence that proves your result without words.  Their check for your program relates to trust.  When you follow ALL these steps and finish with a post rehab x-ray they lose the ability to object.

            These steps are in a very specific order with intention based on how people act emotionally and make decisions. Follow these steps and you will have the opportunity to help and serve MORE patients in 2013 than EVER BEFORE! Attend the Elite Coaching ROF Boot Camps and create the MOST FULFILLING practice of your life! Call Dr. Fred DiDomenico for more information, 253-851-8353.



5 Steps to Creating a Lifetime Patient


Fred DiDomenico, DC

Practice Coach and Mentor



            I receive calls from doctors all over the country asking me one of the most common questions, “How do I have MORE patients stay for a lifetime?” My answer? “5 Steps.”

            In Elite Coaching, we have a strong core value that patients should have an optimal spinal structure to attain optimal health. Isn’t that the principle of Chiropractic? We also believe each patient and family members should live their WHOLE LIFE with an optimal spine for optimal health. How do we take a patient saying, “Doc, fix my back,” to “I want to change the way I live my life for me and my family?” This is a system and this system works. Just ask the docs using it.

            First of all, if you want to change the way people act you have to change the way they think. Unfortunately, you are not going to change the way they act and think until you find out how they FEEL, NOT what they THINK. You see, Subluxation is a fact. Facts are processed in the Cerebral cortex. The cortex processes facts, language and rational thinking. There is no decision making in the cortex.

            The Limbic brain processes emotion and assigns an emotion to every experience. It does not rationalize, process facts and is TOTALLY responsible for behavior. Hence, the adage, “People buy with emotions and justify with fact.” Even a person who buys from facts and information TRUSTS information. Trust is processed in the Limbic brain. Therefore, if you are going to inspire people you MUST speak to their Limbic brain. This requires a different language, the language of emotion.

  • Step #1: “Consultation focused on organs:”

            In a Consultation we address their pain and we focus on their organs. This is through system of communication discovering how they FEEL about their organ problems. EVERY person has a feeling about their health problems. When you discover they have high blood pressure and are scared of a heart attack, hypoglycemia and fear diabetes, fatigued and frustrated, and have them SAY, “I don’t want to be like this anymore,” on Day #1, you have taken a HUGE first step into their emotion. Before they know what they want, they must know what they DON’T want.

  • Step #2 – “They have to know this is MINIMALY and health or disease decision, optimally a life or death decision.”

            The late Dr. Don Harrison and his son, Dr. Deed Harrison teach an overwhelming amount of research in CBP seminars proving subluxated postures lead to disease and early death. How do your patients learn this? Dr. Deed and Elite Coaching have come together to create the, “Regaining Your Youth & Vitality,” new patient workshop with a number of these studies. It handles almost every patient objection and is VERY obvious to every patient in the room their posture is affecting every area of their life, including life span. This workshop creates an emotional response (Limbic Brain).

  • Step #3 – “Have the patient set 20-30 year health/life goals:”

            To me, the worst insult is finding myself trying to convince a patient into accepting care for their own good. NO MORE! Have them tell you what THEY want. When they write their 20-30 year life goals they are telling you how to speak to their emotion (Limbic Brain) by knowing their highest priority. Now get them 100% committed to that life and have the patient say they can’t live that life if they allow their subluxated posture to progress. NOW they are buying the life they want rather than your program (Limbic Brain). Then give them the recommendations, the solution to their BIGGEST problem. FYI, “Entrepreneurs solve people’s problems for a profit.” T. Harv Eker “Secrets of a Millionaire Mind.”

  • Step #4 – “Remind them every 30 days.”

            Your re-exam reminds them of their original organ problems, their original level of health, shows improvement and sets short term goals on the healing of their organ problems. People forget where they came from and become unappreciative and lose the emotion. They adapt to their new state of health. Remind them and bring out their 30 year goals every 30 days to keep their attention on their vision (Limbic Brain). Next, ask them to repeat their whole corrective and maintenance program into lifetime care every 30 days. Make the transition into lifetime care seamless with your financials.

  • Step #5 – “Fountain of Youth Club – Patients Committed to LIFELONG youth, Health and Vitality.”

            Have a club they enter when they have completed postural correction. Make a BIG DEAL about it. Stencil it on a wall with their picture to give them a visual goal (Limbic Brain). Take their picture in the middle of the adjusting area at your busiest time. Present them with a membership plaque in front of other patients and watch how many patients will inquire and make that their goal (Limbic Brain). Set a goal for how many patients enter the club and watch your practice go through the ROOF!


            We are teaching these principles of how to create lifetime patients and MUCH more at our Elite Coaching Las Vegas seminar, August 25th/26th, 2012. Dr. Deed Harrison is one of our phenomenal speakers. Please call us today to attend at 253-851-5899, or call me, Dr. Fred DiDomenico, personally at 253-851-8353 for any questions.