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Business And Practice Tips Secrets to Business Success

Eric Huntington, DC

Co-Owner Developer of the Chiropractic Business Academy




Why is Business Success a Secret?

            There are many aspects to running a business which will determine its degree success.  From delivering good service to honest dealing with your clientele to motivating staff—many of these things are “known” and  applied broadly in our profession. But there are lesser known and applied business principles that really separate the proverbial men from the boys.  It’s these principles that remain a secret.

  • Secret #1

            You must find out what is needed and wanted by the public, and then figure out how you can promote and deliver that item or service. This is best done by survey, formal or informal. How does this apply to chiropractic practice?  Well, kick your ego to the curb and ask yourself this question, “Does the public want chiropractic?”  I’m not suggesting blasphemy here, I’m suggesting we be literal.  To be more specific, “Does an individual in the public want chiropractic?”  No, of course not—an individual, to be interested in purchasing and receiving the services of a chiropractor, would want the BENEFITS of chiropractic. 

            The benefits of chiropractic are numerous and can include a healthy body, better movement, less pain, better posture, etc.  It’s worth listing out what you see as the benefits a patient receives when under chiropractic care.   This list should be used to help formulate your promotion and technical delivery.

            Secret #1 is that when you organize your promotion and delivery, you must do so keeping in mind what is needed and wanted by the public.  As an example, this is why some of the marketing strategies taught by the Chiropractic Business Academy utilize massage.  By survey, massage is a more  needed and wanted service than chiropractic at the moment.

  • Secret #2

            Secret #2 is that you must build a machine to promote and sell whatever is needed and wanted.  By “build a machine” I mean you must hire or create competent personnel.  Lines and flows must be efficiently organized so daily office traffic runs smoothly through the business.  Training manuals are needed for reference by staff and to assist in training new staff.  Written policy ensures that staff actions are coordinated and predictable.  These are just a few building blocks taught by CBA that can assist in building your machine.

            You know when the machine is built and operating, because it will run without you having to do most of the work.  Depending on how you set it up, you may still work in the practice, wearing the hat of your choice, or you may phase yourself out completely.  That’s up to you.

            At the Chiropractic Business Academy (CBA) we have helped thousands of chiropractors build their machine.  Since we teach business skills, including marketing, sales, staff training, finance, leadership, etc, our program works for any practice style.

  • Secret #3

            Once you have attained your ideal practice scene, you must continually monitor it using proper statistics.  Secret #3 is becoming an expert at looking at what you are doing that works, and improving those things—and also determining what you are doing that is not working and making changes to those areas.

            I think it’s worth noting that more than half of the doctors that contact CBA for practice help are struggling to one degree or another.  Good news is that we can help any doctor who is willing to learn and work.  Our strategies are proven in every state and several countries for almost two decades. 

            Conversely, many doctors miss a huge opportunity because they don’t think to contact us when they are doing well.  This is the optimal time to hire CBA because we can help a doctor identify what is causing their success and strengthen it!  In fact, the biggest practice gains from our program are routinely experienced by clients who were already doing well when they joined CBA. 

  • Secret #4

            Your own happiness in practice may be the most important factor.  You get to define success in your life.  You also get to decide how to measure your progress toward your goals.  So this secret is unique to each of us. You may find it helpful to list out what would make you happy in practice.  For me, my list includes things like:

    1. Providing high quality service
    2. Staff driven practice which I don’t work in day to day.
    3. High personal income
    4. Freedom to choose when to work
    5. Freedom to travel

            These are just a few examples from my list, but what is important is that you make your list and go for it! If you are certain that you can achieve you goals without the help of a consultant, that’s great.  If not, give my office a call and we can talk about how CBA can help you get there!

            CBA’s program is made to fit your practice and goals, not the other way around.  Call us and let us know how we can help. We are so sure our program will increase your bottom line that we make that guarantee in our client service agreement.

            Call my office today to schedule a free consultation to learn the exact system we have used to help thousands of chiropractors over the last 15 years! 888-989-0855


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